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We're Bob & Fran...

And this is our Mission...

Our goal is to raise awareness about the serious global problem of illegal trafficking of children. Our solution is to advocate for and act to support specific non-profit organizations that work effectively to empower poor vulnerable communities in Southeast Asia and stop exploitation through education and new opportunities.

We are a retired senior couple living in North Carolina, USA and Chiang Mai, Thailand. We believe you're never too old (or young) to help make a positive difference in the lives of others near and far who are impoverished and being marginalized.


Through our many years of travel to some 65 countries (many 3rd world) plus annual extended stays in Thailand where we volunteer, we have seen first-hand the chilling consequences of human trafficking and child exploitation primarily for hard labor and the sex trade.  It has many layers and takes on various forms. Human trafficking is modern-day slavery.


There are an estimated 36 MILLION enslaved people in the world today!  Next to drug trafficking, the trafficking of people is the second biggest business on our planet!  It is illegal in every country, yet it is going on everyday...everywhere.  Slaves are cheap to buy...the average cost worldwide of a slave today is just $90!


It has become our passion to help abolish this modern-day slavery, especially of children.  Our intention is to increase awareness of this problem and to offer easy ways for others to also do something meaningful to end this worldwide plight.


We believe that all human beings are connected.   No one person, rich or poor, no matter where they live, and regardless of their culture, their color or their race is more important or better than another.  The forcing of young children to work in sweatshop factories, mines, quarries, construction sites, agricultural fields or in brothels against their after day…should not be tolerated!  


The trafficking of children is a horrific problem, but progress is being made through awareness, prevention, and education.  More governments, legal and political authorities, law enforcement agencies, businesses, and everyday people are acting on this.  The "tipping point" for ending slavery is nearing and total abolishment is possible in the next 25 years.  Together we can end it faster if more of us do something now to make this happen.


Please explore the Programs page on this site to discover how you can get involved and make a difference.


Helping to change the life of an exploited or at-risk child also has a profound way of changing your life as well...


With Gratitude,

Bob  &  Fran

Learn more about Human Trafficking and how we must stop it!

Explore the Programs to discover how you can get involved and make a difference.

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